Our Philosophy

Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment revolves around keeping both medical staff and patients content and cared for. This means doctors and patients can set their own schedules based on the time that works for them. We work around business hours and budgets to create plans that make our patients happier and healthier.

One of the biggest issues that patients who need surgical treatment face is the time that is taken out of their daily routines to address treatment. Surgery can be highly invasive – financially, physically, and mentally. We take the schedules of our patients very seriously, and we can accommodate most schedules.

Finally, we never turn anyone away because of their financial hardships. Tempe Ambulatory Surgical Center understands that good care should transcend monetary limitations. Payment plans are available to meet the budgets of our patients.

Our Standards

High standards are essential for any outpatient clinic. As well as meeting state standards, we strive to meet the standards of our outpatient clients. Our staff is attentive, regardless of your needs, and our aesthetics remain warm and comfortable all while maintaining our facility to the highest standards.

Our center is a state of the art surgery center compliant with all current certification requirements for federal, state and local governments. Our facility is designed for efficient expedition of patient care. We have multiple operatories, procedures and recovery rooms designed to enhance the surgical experience from the moment the patient arrives till they have been fully discharged. Our staff is trained in every aspect of patient care that we deliver here at Tempe Ambulatory Surgical Center .